Stepsurf – Anfi Beach, Mogán, Gran Canaria
November 10, 2016

Mirage Eclipse by Hobie and Stepsurf

The Hobie Mirage Eclipse has revolutionised kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding to a whole new level bringing fitness together with a eco-friendly product that can be used all year round to admire and discover the hidden secrets of our coasts in Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote located in the Canary Islands.
The MirageDrive technology allows the user to work-out the largest muscle groups - the legs by stepping on the pedals. That's it. Step On and Go. It is as easy as walking, enabling a new sport called Stepsurf that can be practiced by all ages from 18-67. Kids are also allowed to use it with the permission of their parents in our beaches of Playa Las Canteras and Alcaravaneras.
The mild winds and waves of the Canary coasts are no impediment to practice the new watersport, Stepsurf . The Mirage Eclipse handlebars enables a stability with fingertip controls that enable a easy steering of the board allowing a unique aquatic experience to all users from a beginner to an athlete.
In addition, every feature has been designed carefully from the fins folding once the surfboard reaches shallow waters; to an easy transportation and storage by removing the handlebars to even use it as a traditional stand-up paddleboard.

Similarly, the large EVA deckpad located in the back of the Hobie allows an expansive standing area providing plenty of room for kids, the family dog or to store swimming and fishing gear
Enjoy the sensation of gliding across the sunny waters of the islands with ease and precision.

Enjoy the sensation of gliding across the sunny waters of the Canary Islands with ease and precision.

Hobie and Stepsurf

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