Stepsurf – Anfi Beach, Mogán, Gran Canaria
November 10, 2016

Stepsurf is for everyone – User Review!

Stepsurf is a watersport practiced on Mirage Eclipse stand up pedal board creating a new aquatic adventure allowing vertical users to glide across the water simply by moving the legs up and down in a 'step' motion exercising the legs, abs and glutes, thus enabling a great workout on the shores of our tropical beaches in Gran Canaria.

This user from the United Kingdom was delighted with the Mirage Eclipse rental service offered by us on Anfi Beach that he wanted to provide his view on the usability of the board, recommendations, tips and more useful information. As we can observe in the video above he really enjoyed the experience of using a Mirage eclipse surf board during his holidays enjoying the wonderful climate of 27ºC in Anfi del Mar in the municipality of Mogán, where the sun shines practically 365 years a day even in the winter months.

Key points of the review:
Stability and full control of the Mirage Eclipse by using your legs
Provides flexibility and independence on the water to move freely
Very easy to learn and start using

Get used to it
-Control the speed with your legs using the MirageDrive pedal system and steer with the fingertips using the hand-levers like in bicycles.
-Learn to trust the Hobie surfboard by practicing in shallow waters

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